Help with dictionaries and frequency tables 7/15

I need help with this lesson
This is what I have so far-

Hello @ldsouza_1978! Okay. We can solve this. :smiley:

You have a dictionary with all possible content_ratings and the count of each rating has been initialized to 0. Now we go through each row of apps_data and from that row we extract the rating: c_rating.

Then we check if that rating actually exists in the dictionary of ratings we initialized. Now, the question is: what do we want to do we to do if the rating exists

The answer? Update the count of that rating in the content_ratings.

So, what you want to do is this: content_ratings[c_rating] = content_ratings[c_rating] + 1 or content_ratings[c_rating] += 1.

This line of code will take the count that was stored in the dictionary for that particular rating and add 1 to it.

Does that make sense?

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It worked! Thanks so much!!

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@ldsouza_1978 You are very welcome! :smiley: Do you mind marking the answer as the solution? This will show that this question has been solved and help anyone having the same problem.
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Hey @ldsouza_1978!

Great question - glad our awesome moderator @Yemi could help out. Next time you ask a question, please be sure to copy/paste the code you’ve tried, the output, and any other relevant information we see in this picture - instead of the picture itself!

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