Help with guided project: build a spam filter

Hello DQ community,

I am having an issue with the guided project and I cannot see where I am going wrong. The link below is my code from the guided project. The issue I am having after checking the solutions is that the new data frame has numbers and symbols instead of unique words.

link for my code:

Screen Link:

What I expected to happen: expected to have a dataframe with counts of unique words after transforming the train (training set).

What actually happened: got a dataframe with counts of numbers and symbols.

If someone could please take a look and point out the error in my code that would be greatly appreciated. I do not know where I went wrong. Thank you very much in advance.Basics-Copy1.ipynb (19.3 KB)

Hi @chosum.tashi:

You didn’t upload your notebook correctly. You may find this guide to resolve it.

Hello Ryan, I uploaded it now from my file after downloading the project. Are you able to view it now?