Here´s my Guided Project : Hacker News

hacker_news_project.ipynb (12.7 KB)

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Hi @JohnJ

Welcome to this community and congratulations for having completed a project on Hacker News.
The entire project looks great cool and well presented. The code lines are well worked on and has thus rendered good output, the comments have been well displayed , most of the explanations given in the mark down cell are very informing, thumbs up mate for the good work.
Have got few suggestions to make;

  • it’s always advisable to include the link of the datasets you are using, for easy access maybe by the reader.
  • kindly recheck on the title, adding a word like ‘exploring’ Hacker news will make it more better.
  • You can sometime avoid print() function to make the outputs be displayed vertically, this increases the readability, like in cell[7]
  • You can also consider re-running your project to have the sequential ordering of the code cells.

Otherwise to me, everything looks nice and thanks for sharing your well worked and organized project.

Happy learning!


I really appreciate the feedback.
Based on it, I can improve in some aspects.

Thanks !!!