Hey there, brave self-learner!

Hello! My name is Nityesh and I recently joined Dataquest to drive our student success efforts. I’ll be focused on helping the student community and making it a place where students can find kinship and help.

I would like to say hello to all the self-learners reading this!

First of all, I would like to insist upon how brave you are. Teaching yourself X can be difficult, draining and frankly, quite a lonely process sometimes.

Second, don’t lose hope if you can’t seem to learn using traditional books and lectures. Not many people can teach themselves that way. Some people can only learn by engaging in more hands-on ways of teaching (including our CEO - @vik, me and many others on our team and in this community!).

Embrace that.

This is where Dataquest can prove to be of tremendous help:

  1. Our interactive platform is designed to get you hands-on with what you’re learning as quickly as possible. All those crazy ideas that you want to test when you get in the zone while learning new things - you can take a stab at them instantly here.
  2. The Guided projects at the end of each course allow you to build one, big, exciting thing using the knowledge that you’ve just gained! I find them SO cool!!

Third, as you work on teaching yourself, don’t ignore the importance of keeping yourself motivated. I would suggest 3 systems that will help you learn X when your physical environment won’t —

  1. Make serious efforts to fall in love with X before you try to learn it
  2. Create and be in an environment that motivates you
  3. Incentivize yourself to push through the nitty-gritties of learning X

These are the systems that I personally use when I try to learn something new.

Make serious, conscious efforts to find reasons to become obsessed with X. Remember that you can turn, what is perhaps the most negative aspect of social media — an addictive and infinitely scrollable feed — and use it to your advantage. Also remember that building something that seems cool and interesting is a great way to trick yourself into learning X with dedication.

I’d love to hear your story - what brought you to Dataquest; what are your learning struggles and anything else that you want to share.

What can we do, not just to make Dataquest better, but to make you tell everyone about it?

Reply here and share it with the community or say hi anytime at nityesh@dataquest.io or send me a personal message here!


Hey Nityesh, congratulations on joining Dataquest. @vik’s personal story is very motivating and I agree that hands-on learning is so much more powerful. Some common problems I face in my “quest” to learn (in general) is that I often try to do too many things and get spread thin due to other commitments. I have learned over the years that family, work, play, exercise, sleep - these are all key things that need to be taken care of while learning new things. It can’t be at the expense of any of those over the long run. But this is not that simple because everyone (me included!) wants to see quick and dramatic improvement or progress.

One of things that has helped me learn better was forcing myself to use incremental learning strategies - this is implemented quite well in the modules in DQ, but using concepts of spaced repetition and interleaving topics more will help members actively recall and implement algorithms, techniques or syntax.

Also, another strategy for improved recall and long-term learning is to incorporate quizzes and tests. I sometimes try to do that by going back to older modules and then trying to solve the coding problem without looking at the instructions if possible but it is not very straightforward. Solving small coding problems or puzzles using concepts taught in a module will provide a different sort of reinforcement to learning and would make Dataquest even better. Ideally this feature can be turned on/off via a flag in the settings for each member.

Lastly, if there is a way to create and provide digital flashcard decks it will be a powerful tool for members. I added many things from the summary sheet at the end of the modules to my personal anki flashcard deck and that has helped a lot with remembering several key concepts, but it is a tedious process to create these nonetheless.

Thanks for the encouragement and the support with this awesome platform!



Hi Nityesh!
I’m currently 76% of the way through my Dataquest course and starting to apply for jobs. Something I haven’t seen is regional support from alumnus. Are there regional groups of people who’ve had success from Dataquest?

For example, I’m based in Los Angeles. Are there others who have completed Dataquest in my area and are they able to provide career guidance/help? Or are there other people near me that are learning the same material and would be they be willing to form a study group/meetup once a week? Will Dataquest be doing anything to support things like this?

Would love to hear your feedback on efforts like these :smiley:


Hi Nityesh :wave: I’m 50% into the data analyst path in Dataquest. At the moment I’m focusing on doing more projects on my own. I hope my portfolio will land me a job in data analysis… My goal is to get a job in another country, so any suggestions are welcomed. I hope you have a good time here.


Hi Nityesh :grinning:
I am a little late to the party, but its great to see you and the rest of the dataquest team putting such great emphasis on nurturing an active, healthy and supportive community! I have just started learning python and it has been a pleasure to interact with the lessons on this awesome platform!


Hello, Nityesh!

I am very keen on Python, and R looks good too!
My plan is to pursue the Data Analyst path with Python first and focus on that.
Then to complete what is left of the Data Science path that is not covered.
Once I have a good command of Python, to focus on learning R.

What would you recommend is the best way to proceed if one wants to learn everything? My approach is one thing at a time. What would you say?

So glad to be here, by the way! Having other learners around is inspiring, somehow. Go, team.


Yep, “one thing at a time” sounds like a good plan @Learning888!

I know that it can get monotonous for some people. For them, it might be even better to learn both R and Python in parallel. But beware, it’s easy to lose focus on both the paths if you do this.

It’s a very personal decision, I think. You should experiment and allow yourself to discover what works best for you. :slight_smile:


Hi @nityesh! I am actually building a full-scale platform to help you with your problem. We’re doing our “Soft-Launch”. I came in here myself to dig a little more into the community and see what I can learn.

I would love to connect if you’re up for it. I think there may be a way that we can collaborate, and our platform may help you out, and help us ALL solve the problem of getting real-life hands-on experience to drive growth.



Hi @nityesh and everybody!
Covid-19 pushed me to learn new things. Although I just started a few days ago, I’ve been enjoying this site.

As a researcher in social sciences primarily using qualitative methods, I’ve decided to update my skillset to engage with my current project on climate change impacts in new ways and other projects I’ve always wanted to do such as analyzing large datasets of international flows of resources.

Look forward to crossing paths with some of you in discussion boards.


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Looking forward to seeing your projects in the Community @YgatorY! You can also see other learners’ projects under the community-project tag.

Thanks, @nityesh ! I think I’ll first ‘find my feet’ with one language, and when confident with it, move on to the next. Step by step works for me, and I just worked through C# on another course, which somehow makes Python easier.
Cheers all :slight_smile:

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Hello @nityesh: Thanks for writing some cool stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s my day 1 of learning in Dataquest officially. I am very keen on Python and my plan/focus is to pursue the Data Analyst path with Python. Once I successfully complete my current path then i believe I’ve a good command of Python & data analysis. Later I’ll go with R programming or Data Science path depends upon my interest.
I think it is always good to focus one thing at a time. Right?

I am so happy to be here, looking forward to learn from other learners around.
Thank you!


It definitely is @prasadkalyan05! Hope you have a good learning journey. :slight_smile:

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Hi @nityesh

I’m just starting out my learning properly and sometimes I get a block and I find it difficult to understand simple concepts and start second guessing myself but at other times I feel like I can finish the path in a month… haha… I love the journey so far and I look forward to growing with dataquest.


Hello Nityesh, I got to know about DataQuest on Twitter when they called for the recent scholarship applications. I am very interested in learning Python and R. I have started the Python data scientist path and I think the curriculum is great.


Hello Nityesh, This is coming late but welcome to Dataquest.

I found Dataquest when i was looking for a platform to learn Data Science, and its been amazing since then, i think one of my greatest struggles is keeping myself motivated, there are some days i am 100% into it, some days i hate that i can sort out a simple code, But i love dataquest, especially the way it teaches us how to code.

I have introduced my sister to Dataquest, and i keep shouting it to everyone.


Hello Nityesh and everyone else.

I have been learning on DataQuest for about 5 months now. I have only been able to get about 3 hours a week as I have a full time career and family. I come from a background of healthcare (licensed Physical Therapist) but have been wanting to move out of patient care and into something where I can mesh my clinical skills with data analysis to drive better healthcare decisions. What I think would be really huge is a way to match up with others that have similar passions, or even some kind of mentorship. I find everything like trying to learn a new language, and sometimes having someone there to help you see how people really “speak” that language can be super helpful. I look forward to all the things I can learn in DataQuest

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I got to know about dataquest by a google search and it’s been so rewarding. I’m enrolled on the data analyst with python course and I must say, the hands on learning has helped a great deal. I am blessed to be on scholarship and I intend to take good advantage of this opportunity. I cannot wait to have a data analyst job upon completion of this course. Thanks to the CEO Vik Paruchuri https://www.dataquest.io/blog/author/vik-paruchuri/ and this awesome community.