Hi there, Ambitious Learner!

I want to inspire you to write your first article because writing articles on the Internet is the best way for you to realize your ambitions.

When you write something online, the Internet works for you, 24x7, to find new opportunities for you.

It brings you the opportunities to build your personal brand in the field. It brings you the opportunities to connect with professionals in far off lands. It brings you the opportunities to be gratified because you eased the journey of another learner. It brings you the opportunities to improve your resume and learn the art of written communication.

That’s why I am incredibly excited about introducing Dataquest Direct !

Dataquest Direct:

You might have seen the new Dataquest Direct magazine in our Community.

This magazine is our attempt to lower the barrier of entry for you to write your first article. It’s a room in your familiar Community - dedicated for you to share your writing with the community.

  1. Publishing your first article can be quite daunting but it’s not so scary in front of a familiar audience.

  2. Coming up with 800 useful words might feel like a large goal but it’s not out of reach when you consider that your words have already helped strangers in our community.

You have embarked on an ambitious journey of teaching yourself Data Science. You should tell your tale to make it easy for future travelers who follow your trail. Write about your struggles, share what you have learnt, tell them about some good tool or technique that you discovered while browsing the Internet.

You always have something important to tell. Never doubt that!

If I was able to get you excited about writing, you should hop on to this writing guide that I wrote for you in Dataquest Direct.

I am excited to see the impact that publishing in this magazine will have on the career of you and other ambitious learners, just like you!

Finally, I’m going to leave you with this excellent article to do some more persuasion on my behalf -

I urge you to read it. It’ll be time well-spent!