Hi there, here is my project on predicting bike rentals. Your feedback will be much appreciated

Here is the link:

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Plese use this link, the earlier one is restricted:

As a beginner, I can’t give you a deep review as I don’t understand some of the ML concepts that you used. But I can give you some layout tips or more simple things that I notice in your notebook :slight_smile: .

You can create a topic called “Checking missing values” just to segment your notebook and give the reader a clear view of what part of the analyses you currently are. Another suggestion is a markdown topic called “Conclusions” right after the " Use best performing model to make predictions on test data" describing how this model will answer your question and also reporting what was the answer for the main question “I will be attempting to predict the total number of people who rent bikes in a given hour.

Congratulations on the analyses!

I loved the heat map and I wish you the best.

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Thank you so much @ vinigomesaraujo for the feedback. This makes a lot of sense and I will be updating the notebook so that is more readable.

Thank you and good luck