Hi, this is the solution to my prison break project

Looking forward to criticisms and encouragements, this is my first project

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hello @oluwatobyrichard!

Congrats on finishing your first project!

Think of your projects as a chance to tell a story about the data you’re working with. This story includes your code, where you unpack, learn about and display parts of the data but it also means using markdown cells to break up the code by explaining what the reader ought to take away from each segment of the code and from each result that you print out.

You should open your project by explaining the purpose of your project: what is the dataset you are using? What are you trying to learn from it? What is your goal?

Then, throughout the project, explain what you are doing and why you are doing it. If you print out a section of the code or a result, explain what you are printing out and how the reader should contextualize it as part of your broader goal in the project.

Then wrap it up with a conclusion where you return to the purpose you stated in the beginning.

I would also add that you should use comments throughout your code to explain what you’re doing. This helps someone understand your code and it will also help you if you ever return to this project in order to improve upon it.

It’s obvious that you are an excellent programmer with good ideas and thoughtful insights to share but you need to communicate this in your project!!

Anyhow, thanks for sharing and good luck on your journey!

Thank you for the words, i will sure put your suggestions into use in subsequent projects to come, thank you for also taking time to go through my project.

Hi @oluwatobyrichard! This style guide may be helpful for you.