History of Video Games in the Last 40 Years


I share my first project done in collaboration (with my university colleague Gabriele Ghiotto). In this project, we analyzed a video games dataset to answer questions like:

  • What is the most successful video game in history?
  • What is the most successful publisher?
  • What is the most successful game franchise?
  • What is the historical development of publishers, game platforms, and genres?

Some interesting insights from this industry:

  1. The best year in the video game industry was 2008 when an economic crisis hit the world
  2. The best-selling game in the world is Wii Sports
  3. The most popular gaming platform of all times is PlayStation 2, owned by Sony
  4. The most popular genre worldwide is Action
  5. The most successful publisher is Nintendo, based in Japan, which accumulated almost 2 billion sales in 30 years of history
  6. The most successful video game franchise is Wii, owned by Nintendo

Hope you will like the reading:) as always any feedback is appreciated!

Happy coding :smile:

P.S. You can also check the project on my GitHub.