Honest feedback on guided project 1

Hello DataQuest Fam…This is my first project and I am really excited getting to this point. Please I need your honest and constructive feedback…Thank You!

[Basics.ipynb|attachment](upload: https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/urls/community.dataquest.io/uploads/short-url/kaT1p9q7U0blWxi1miGtwEKpiXS.ipynb) (49.8 KB)

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hi @okorochukwunonso can you please provide the screen link where you have worked out your project.

Hello @brayanopiyo18 Its Done. Please you can now review…Thanks!

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Hi @okorochukwunonso,

Congratulations on successfully sharing your first project! It looks great for a first!

Your style and markdowns are way better than my first project, but here are some suggestions along with some tools to make your formatting and markdowns even better:

  • When using markdowns as headers, use incremented numbers of # for hierarchy. Here’s a link to a quick markdown cheatsheet.
  • I benefited a lot from the comment below by @vasheyy that introduced me to quite a few awesome jupyter notebook extensions.

For me, the style of a notebook is something that requires practice, discipline and viewing others’ projects. You are off to a good start already. :wink:

Your code looks good, only a few notes:

def is_english(string):
    non_ascii = 0
    for character in string:
        if ord(character) > 127: #According to ASCII, all English xters are between 0-127#
            non_ascii += 1
    if non_ascii > 3:
        return False
        return True

In the code above, you can simply return non_ascii < 4 and get rid of the if/else statement.

Also, all the code to loop through a dictionary in your project uses for key in dictionary:, and then access the values with dictionary[key] in the loop. I just want to make sure you know you can also use for key, value in dictionary.items(): to loop through the key-value pair.

I skipped the Python step when I started the Data Scientist path, so I’m actually going back and doing this project right now. Don’t know if you’ve started learning Pandas and all, but gee libraries like Pandas made life so much easier. :joy: Great job on your first project! :clap:


Hi @okorochukwunonso, congratulations for having completed your first project. The project is well presented and detailed .just to add on @veratsien’s suggestions ;

  • In the introduction you haven’t included the history background of the dataset you are using, making it hard for the reader to adapt the project.
  • your comments is not that consistence, You have hardly used them in data cleaning process.

Otherwise everything looks good .Happy learning!


Points Noted.

Thank you @brayanopiyo18 .

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