How can I learn SQL at home?

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Hello Everyone,
How can I learn SQL at home? What are some great online sources to begin with?

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Hello @Axel_Blaze and welcome to the DQ community.
Since you are here already, I would recommend you start with the Dataquest SQL Basics.
I am presently taking the courses and I can tell about the practical approach. It makes you master code writing.
There are further resources at Kaggle’s Introduction to SQL and more online. If you want a paper guide and reference, head out to Goal Kicker, the book is constantly updated and free.
Hope this helps!


Hello @Axel_Blaze, I am very happy to see your enthusiasm for learning SQL. To start learning SQL there are at least 4 steps you can try. You can read it here because there is a detailed and easy-to-understand explanation.

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