How can i make direct link to data file?

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how can i make direct link to data file?

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Hi @mamun216,

Use this syntax in the markdown cell:

[dataset link](

This example will look so: dataset link.

In the squared brackets put an appropriate text describing your link, in the rounded brackets - the link on your dataset.

Hi Elena
thanks for your reply, but i didnt mean that link making, i can do that , but i meant the csv file direct link. as dataquest made . I want to know how i can do that csv or excel data file direct download from link.

Hi @mamun216,

You mean a link to an csv file, for then using it in your notebook, right?
The best way is to download this file (let it be called file.csv) on your computer and save it in the same folder as your Jupyter notebook. Then you can download and read it in pandas without any link:

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv('file.csv')