How can i read and convert "DSV files"?

I did come across a unique file format “DSV”. How do i read this file in python ? what is the process to convert this file into “csv” format.

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Hi @md.vasim26:

I have not heard of this types of files before but you can try downloading this package here.

Takes DSV on standard input, and outputs in Excel-format CSV (Python’s default dialect) on stdout.

cat /etc/passwd | dsv2csv > passwd.csv

Remember that this involves downloading the tool as mentioned above.

Hope this helps!

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can you show us what it contain few sample rows to check its delimiter?

Attached this file, This one sample. As its large file I don’t want to read each line and remove (|*|) then write again

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@md.vasim26: this is before u store the data into the dsv? Or did you manage to read it? If you did you could try:

import pandas as pd
clean_rows = []
for row in dataset:
     clean_data = []
     for data in row:
           data = data.split('|*|')
clean_rows_df = pd.Dataframe(clean_rows)

Since its a dsv file I doubt you can use the read_csv method.

Hope this helps!

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You can define sep while reading file using pd.read_csv


import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv("file_name", sep="\|\*\|")       # read file
df.to_csv("file_name_csv")                        # convert to csv

It works…I have tried this earlier but provided “sep” incorrectly.