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How can I refund

I didn’t mean to renew my monthly subscription this month but I forgot to cancel my sub how can I get refund I got no money now pls help @masterryan.prof pls answer me @Sahil

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Please create a ticket here

done whats next? @masterryan.prof

@PalmKiatithapanayong: Please be patient and wait for the team to get back to you. Thanks! Tagging @Sahil here about this too.

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@masterryan.prof i will be contacted within 48 hour right?

@PalmKiatithapanayong: I cannot comment on this as I am just a volunteer at DQ. I do not work here full time. Short answer is it depends on how many tickets they have to respond to on the backend, which I do not have access to.


Hi @PalmKiatithapanayong,

Sorry, I was on a vacation. However, it seems like the issue was resolved via ticket #56942. Let me know if you need any further help.


Hi Sahil @Sahil ,
I also have the same problem, and I think I may have created a ticket about it, but I don’t find it, so could you please help me refund?
Thank you very much.


Hi @383554065:

Please be patient while your transaction is being progressed. Allow 2 to 3 working days before coming back for updates. Thanks!

CC @nityesh

@nityesh just following up to check if this is ready to be marked as resolved?

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Yes, it is! We handle all refund requests in the ticketing system. So, any such community post can be marked as resolved if the student has sent in the ticket. :slight_smile: