How do I add my certificates to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the recruiters’ tool of choice when it comes to finding candidates for a new role. To help you highlight your accomplishments at Dataquest, we’ve made it easy to add your certificates to your profile.

Adding your certificates to LinkedIn

  1. Navigate to your profile page from the main menu in the top right corner.

  2. Locate the certificate you’d like to add to your LinkedIn page → right click on the link → open it in a New Tab.

  1. Back on your profile page, click on the Add to LinkedIn button next to the certificate you want to add.

  1. Copy the name of the certificate from the second tab (e.g. Python Programming: Intermediate) and paste it into the Certification name field.

  2. Enter into the Certification authority field — make sure you select the correct entity (we’re the ones with a rocket icon).

  3. The license number can be found at the end of the certificate URL, which is located at the bottom of the certificate you opened in the second tab. You can also copy+paste the entire URL into the Certification URL field at this time.

  4. Enter the date on the certificate under ‘from’ and check the box ‘This certification does not expire’.

  5. Click Save to share your achievement with your LinkedIn network!


Hi, I am just curious about whether you issue certificates after you complete an entire track? Say I finished the entire Data Analyst track, would you issue a certificate saying that? Or do we just get certificates for every course we complete.

Thank You


Hi @aayushmanc,

Happy to help — when you complete a course and/or a path, we automatically award you a certificate. You can read more about it, here: Do you have certificates of completion? Are they official? .

Hope that helps!

Is there any chance for a summary certification? Such as at learning path level? Just over the course of even a single path it can be quite the wall of certs that could be added

You do get a certificate after finishing the entirety of a path.


Ah, I stand corrected in that case. I’m on the last part before finishing my first path. So I’d just gotten used to a whole lot going on. Thanks for the clarification!

Once you completed an entire track/path - i.e. Data Scientist in Python, I strongly suggest you to remove all other course certificates and only add the final path certificate on Linkedin - i.e. Certification of Data Scientist in Python.

Reduce the clutter on your LinkedIn profile and keep it simple and meaningful.

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I believe it would be more value-adding if the credential URL contained more meaningful information for employers, including what skills were specifically taught under the course umbrella. Currently, employers will look at a course on ‘SQL Intermediate’ and not know the progress of a specific candidate.