How do I download the modified (by DQ team) dataset autos.csv?

Hello there,

In the Guided Project: Exploring eBay Car Sales Data, DQ team has modified the original dataset
How do I download the dataset autos.csv to my local drive?


There’s a Download button at the top of the Jupyter Notebook in the classroom. It downloads all the project-related files including your Notebook and the dataset as well. If you download and then unzip the file you will get the modified dataset.

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Awesome, got it! Thank you so much!

Hai, I am not able to make data visualization here. Can you help me with that?

@the_doctor I have an issue with visualization here.
whatever I try to do the output doesn’t appear. Please help me out here on what I am doing wrong.


Please create a separate, new question that includes all the relevant/necessary details. I would recommend referring to this resource as well when creating your question. Someone can then try to answer your question accordingly.