How do we know where navigate belongs to

for app in ios_final:
if app[-5] == ‘Navigation’:
print(app[1], ‘:’, app[5]) # print name and number of ratings
Waze - GPS Navigation, Maps & Real-time Traffic : 345046
Google Maps - Navigation & Transit : 154911
Geocaching® : 12811
CoPilot GPS – Car Navigation & Offline Maps : 3582
ImmobilienScout24: Real Estate Search in Germany : 187
Railway Route Search : 5

I do not understand how we categorize Waze and under it gps navigation, maps and real time traffic,
the code says in -5 column, so there for instance there is games like repeated many times , how do I know what actually goes under games?

This seems familiar but I can’t remember all the details or what lesson it is in order to help you with your problem. Also, because your code isn’t formatted like this:


it’s difficult to follow your code or check for formatting issues that could be causing your problem. Have you checked out the post below?

I’m on my iPad so I can’t make in line links, sorry. But it’s a post full of great advice that will enable you to get better help from more people a lot faster!