How do you check variables without clicking on run?

I thought the open console would serve to run the commands and like, see the value of variables or things like that before submitting my work, but it doesn’t seem to serve any purpose?

I feel kinda limited in that I mostly follow through the courses and sometimes just believe the variables are the way they are instead of checking or just seeing for example in the variable explorer in Spyder. Am I alone in this? I was thinking about starting a jupyter notebook and follow the courses with that, because then I can experiment more and just paste my code when I’m done.

Also really liked the first guided project, it wasn’t hard at all, but felt very fun to do and the material you taught before it was all very relevant. Guided projects might be my favourite thing of this platform.

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I’d definitely recommend using jupyter notebook on the side - I felt a lot more engaged after I started doing that. It feels better being able to work out the solution before submitting it to be compared against the answer checker. It also encourages some additional exploration and tests as you go through the missions.