How I was about to get my first Python job

Hi community,

Just to say, 2 days ago I catched a Python job offer on Upwork with a json file attached, the client needing to convert the file to a Pandas dataframe. This is an ideal mission offer for a first job since the project was not too complex, there was a file attached so I could try it myself immediately and this is exactly what I did.

After one hour or two, I managed to read the .json correctly and to put it in a Pandas dataframe.

So I wrote my proposal and just sent the client a screenshot of the dataframe.

I probably should but I have not yet created a data scientist profile on upwork (I am a French proofreader), so I was evaluating my odds to get a response from the client to let’s say 20%.

One day later, the client was messaging me!

So there is a lesson here: just try it! don’t be afraid!

Regarding my Upwork experience, the more difficult is to get your profile approved by their staff. But after you get approved, you can work immediately and there are a lot of Python job offers! I saw freelancer profiles here mentioning the Dataquest course. And not to mentioning the fact that hourly rates exhibed by data sciencists are very high.

End of the story: I then warned the client that my spoken English is pretty bad and that I prefer written communication, but unfortunatly he wanted live Zoom calls so he rejected my candidature. Bad luck for me, but it doesn’t matter, I am pretty confident that I will find other opportunities in the future.



Great story! @WilfriedF :clap:

Though the client didn’t turn up, but I really appreciate your efforts for working on the things.

That’s the spirit and positive mind one should have when transforming career into DS.

Thanks for sharing this with community!



In the future, it may help you to worry less about your spoken English skills and give similar opportunities a chance. Even if you fail, each interview experience makes you more sharp for the next one.


Yeh @alex you are probably right but my accent is really awful and it costs me a lot to have a fruitful discussion in spoken english. I am always worrying it could be a loss of time for an hirer and generally I tend to avoid it if I have the choice.

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