How long did it take you guys to finish the Data Engineer path in Python? Its seems to be taking me forever lol

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Just curious as i dont want it to take 6 + months

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Hi @JasonSherbondy,

I don’t think there is one answer that fits all of us for this question. Some people might have previous background in relevant field, or may have more time at hand or have great determination with good technical knowledge etc. In such cases those people might finish it faster than many others here.

There are many factors that keeps us away from learning on a daily basis. Sometimes life comes in the way. In such cases sometimes it takes more time.

Also, these lessons are not very easy to learn. As you go away from the initial missions, things are getting a bit more detailed and takes more time to learn. There are moments when we get stuck at a problem or concept. But thankfully there is a very active and helpful community here to help each other. So that is a big help.

So taking all these points into consideration, if you are determined to finish any path in 6 months, it is quite possible. I think there are people who have done it. But if you ask me, if I did finish within 6 months, the answer is no. Because everyone has different sets of priorities and life to deal with.

I’m sure with a bit of patience and help from this community you will be able to finish your path soon. The key is not to give up. Trust me, I’ve been pushing myself hard not to give up. I know that it can be frustrating but somehow we need to keep ourself afloat.

So good luck with your learning. Looking forward to seeing you post about your course completion soon.

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