How long does it take to become a Data Scientist, Data Analyst or a Data Engineer using Dataquest?

While the length of time it takes to complete each path has much to do with your overall learning pace, you can see about how long each path takes, on average, via the table below:

Learning Path Estimated Hours to Complete Months to Complete
Data Analyst in Python 300 hours 7 months
Data Scientist in Python 360 hours 9 months
Data Engineering 75 hours 6 months
Data Analyst in R 70 hours 3 months

Our aim is to continue adding new courses to the platform every few weeks, so it’s expected that these hourly requirements will increase over time.

ⓘ The Data Analyst Path is actually a subset of the Data Scientist Path — completing the latter in 6-8 months means that you’ll have earned certificates for both the Data Analyst Path and the Data Scientist Path.


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thanks for this information. Is it possible to do the ‘data analyst in python’ path first, and if that goes well, complete the ‘data scientist in python’ path by doing just the extra courses (so not starting over again)?
thanks for you answer!

@willemijn - great quesiton!

Absolutely! We can mark courses as complete in the DS - Python Path for you as well if there’s courses you feel like you’re good to go in!

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the quick reply!
Good to know! :slight_smile:


Currently I study on my spare time so I manage to find a little to keep my path. I know not everyone has the same time to study, but is it normal to forget sometimes things that you have learned already? Sometimes if my work doesn’t allow me to keep my rhythm properly I tend to forget old lessons…

I will keep working on it!

Hello! Is it possible to find somewhere in the Dataquest website these estimates? As I am taking the course during working hours for training, I will have to show the certificate and estimated amount of hours that the course takes.


Hi @Mary

I would have a question about shared table. What’s the connection between Estimated Hours to Complete and Months to Complete. If Data Analyst in Python takes 7 Months (300 hours) how it’s possible that Data Engineering takes only 75 hours (but 6 moths)?

Thank you