How to access additional exercices?

Hi, on the first course of the Data Scientist path, sometimes there’s a popup that shows additional exercices, how to acces that again ? I am not able to find it

I don’t have any popups. Also on a Data Scientist’s path, 60% in. Do you remember which course and mission ?

I do not know, i’m 7% in, just finished the Python : Fundamentals. They just poped up from time to time after i finished some missions.

I just this when I finished ‘for’ loops - I was offered practice exercises which I had a quick look at then exited.

When I tried to go back I couldn’t find it.

Hi @Moon, @mslizwilliams,

We were just testing our practice problem missions with some students. Since, we haven’t officially launched it, you cannot find a link to it in our platform. I have sent you a direct message with all the practice problem links.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


I see, i understand, thank you.

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Can I please request this link too? I also began the Practice Exercises, and it seemed like a really useful way to reenforce learning. After logging back into the platform later, I can no longer access them.

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Dear Sahil,

Can I also ask for links to the practice problem missions?


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Hi Sahil,

Can you please send me the link to the practice exercises as well? I’m only able to access them if I click on the pop up when it appears but unable to find them when I go back to the end of the mission again.


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