How to add a tag - project number after publishing?

I’ve done a project(lets say houses price prediction) published it, forgot to tag it, so I’ve added tags (“machine learning” etc. - which unfortunately pushes the topic back to the top, nevermind) BUT what about the Dataquests project number 240-5 or 240 - I can’t add that as a tag! Some of the published projects have that tag, but is there a way to manually add it after publishing the topic?

I know that by including a link with your post, there are usually several tags that are added automatically for you based on the URL. That said, I believe you can add more tags to your post after publishing it by simply editing the post TITLE as opposed to editing the post itself. It’s possible that some learners can’t do this depending on their trust level in the community. @nityesh is much better equipped to clarify the intricacies here.

I can add some tags by editing the title or post but the specific number tags (eg 240 for house prices) can’t be added

I believe the reason you can’t add those is because those are done automatically by the system based on the URL that you provide in the post. This is why you get a notification approx 5-10mins after posting that says Sahil has edited your post.

Check out this post for a similar discussion.

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Hmm, wondering if I edit the topic now and include the URL of last screen it’s going to auto tag it?

I’m curious to know as well! Have you tried it?

Just , now (on the house prices, we’ll know soon if the bot picked it up and tagged it)

No bot, just @Elena_Kosourova came to the rescue

Hi Adam and Mike,

I managed to add both tags (240 and 240-5)! :partying_face:

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Look how I did it, by the example of my another project:

You just have to open the editing mode on your project and add/cancel any tags you want.

I was unable to add 240 or 240-5 tags that way(weird because I was able to add “ linear regression” tag) here’s an example with my previous project:

I can’t manually add the 155 number, but if I wanted to add say… linear regression tag? No problem

Okay, well that answers that! I should have just done what I said in my first reply: 1) edit title post 2) add tags.

Wait, let me try also this, let’s see

It seems that I have a super power! :joy: If you guys have this issue also in the future, just let me know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks, in the future I’ll just include the screen link

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Yes, this will create the necessary tags automatically.