How to become a data scientist

I am graduate in mathematics, physics and chemistry, and i have done masters in chemistry. I am currently teaching chemistry to grade 11 and 12. But now i want to change my carrier. I am inclined towards Data Science now. Can you suggest me from where to start? Is doing online courses enough to get a job as Data Scientist or a degree in the field is mandatory??

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Hi @Amanpreet.2912

That’s an awesome curriculum! Dataquest has a path to become a Data Scientist in there you will learn python, pandas, numpy, SQL, statistics, Machine Learning, Deep learning, almost everything you need to be a Data Scientist.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about python. The course is a perfect introduction to it.

Now about if is doing online courses enough to get a job. Yes! You learn the things you need, you develop the abilities (and you might have a lot of them already, i mean i’m pretty sure that you’re a badass in statistics for example lol) BUT! You need a portfolio. Yes, the course have a lot of projects that you can save into your own portfolio, but if you don’t do more then you don’t get a job

I have a friend that studied for 6 months. Two months after he finished, he moved to Germany to work in the field, and some of his coworkers have done the same. Obviously if you have a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering or Systems engineering you have more chances, but at the same time a lot of companies look for different backgrounds.

So go ahead, there’s a lot of job opportunities out there, just check this and most of them are remote positions!

Good luck in your journey into the amazing world of Data Science!