How to count number of rotation after rotating a string

Hello, comunity!

I wrote the below code to rotate a word

def rotation(s):
    b = len(s)
    for i in range (b):
        c = s[i:]+s[:i]
        print (c)

rotate (academic)



however I would like the output to be

Rotated 1 time = academic
Rotated 2 time = cademica
Rotated 3 time = ademicac
Rotated 4 time = emicacad

I know that I have to include in the

def rotation(s):
    b = len(s)
    for i in range (b):
        c = s[i:]+s[:i]
        print ("Rotated"+ " "+ n+"time="+c)

how do I get n?

thank you
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Maybe you could initialise a value of 1 for n within the for loop, initially. And increment it by 1 as long the strings keeps getting modified.

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One way of doing this would be to replace n with i+1 (since i starts at 0)

this should work

for i in range (b):
     c = s[i:]+s[:i]
     print ("Rotated"+ " "+ str(i+1)+" time="+c)
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