How to creat a histogram of completion_rate

I am trying to Create a histogram of completion_rate, I have tried to do it but no head way. It is on screen 4/8 of the Guided Project: Building a BI App.

I understand that this requires adjusting the data model to create a new table that shows lesson completion by lesson_id. I need help to fully comprehend this. Please support

Hi @ctowolabi, itā€™d be better if you share the link to the screen of the project.

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I just figured out how to make the new table tonight, but I havenā€™t figured out the vis yet. Iā€™ll get it tomorrow sometime.

Do you have Power BI Service? I could share my report with you thereā€¦

For the table I used SUMMARIZECOLUMNS, the lesson_progress[lesson id] column, and a new column using the DAX measure to figure out the completion rate. Hereā€™s a link to the documentation:

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