How to download Applestore.csv? Why is it so complicated to download

Hi everyone, I am trying to download applestore.csv but I am not able to do it. I was first asked to create account on Kaggle which I did but I am still not able to download data could anyone please help me to download the data. Thank you

@srikantbattula, what is exactly the problem you have while trying to download the data? Are you getting any error? If so, could you, please, copy-paste it here?

Just in case, here is the link where I was able to download the data from:

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The post linked here should help: Guided Project 1: ios Data on Kaggle different from the set used by Solution

You should be able to download it right off DQ’s platform. No need to make an acct on Kaggle.

once you download it,make sure its .csv file then open by importing csv reader and add errors=‘ignore’ in the open function.

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Thank you for your help, I am able to download the dataset no. I had a doubt, is it the same dataset that is used during the exercises within the section?


Thank you, I am able to Download the data from the link that you provided.

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