How to download AppleStore data?

In the project install and Jupiter notebook, there’s a content asking us to download AppleStore data, while didn’t clarify clearly. Where does the gray screenshot came from and what’s the name of it?

Screen Link:

Other details:

Hi @shujie0612, welcome to the community!

I’m hoping I’m interpreting your question correctly. The first screenshot is showing a view from the author’s computer, I believe. It looks like they are viewing the file properties to show you the filepath as an example. If you’re using a different operating system it will look different for you.

To download the data, you can click on the download button. The .tar file you download contains the dataset and a copy of your notebook .ipynb file.

Hi April,
Thank you for your reply.
But I couldn’t save the tar.file as “AppleStore.csv” since once I clicked download, all I got is the picture shown as below. And I was unable to change the file name and the saved location.


And also, as I found the full path of the AppleStore.csv and copy it to the jupyter notebook, it still shows the “File not found”error.

Would be really appreciated if you can help me out, thanks!

Ah sorry, I didn’t realize that was unclear. The .tar file is an archive file. (You can learn more about .tar files here.) The files you need are inside it. You’ll want to save the file as it is. You can look up how to open .tar files for your OS online (I only know Windows).