How to find wrong data in Applestore.csv

Dear All,
Link:Mobile App Store ( 7200 apps) | Kaggle

I wonder how to find the wrong row(the row with missing data) from dataset(Appsotre.csv).

According to the answers from above link, I wrote my code as below which comes up with an empty list.

for each_list in ios:
    if len(each_list)!=len(ios_header):

Please advice.

Thank you.

@g.ymsiliusu: may I know you logic behind doing this and can you also provide the DQ mission link?

Here is the DQ mission link:Learn data science with Python and R projects

" each_list is not equal to ios_header" means something lack in each_list, which indicates wrong data.

I used your code and came up with the same result: an empty list. I believe this to be the correct result. It’s been a while since I did this guided project but if my memory is correct, I don’t believe that ios had any rows with missing data…just the google playstore data did. I think the ios data might have had a duplicate but I’m pretty sure it didn’t have missing data like google does.

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Thank you for your answer very much!