How to import a project into the 'side bar' Jupyter notebook?

Hi there. Every time I try to open a notebook in what I’m calling the ‘sidebar’ Jupyter notebook, it opens in a separate browser tab. I’d like to code with the dataquest instructions in the same window. Is there an easy way to do this besides copying and pasting the code into a new project?

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Hey Joe,

Are you able to perhaps share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? It might help people to understand what you’re describing and suggest a solution.

Hi, I’ll try to describe what I’m running to in images.

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 1.50.13 PM

Unfortunately, those images aren’t in the right order. Let me try this again.

Here’s the first shot. I’ve opened up dataquest to this part of the mission and I have an empty notebook on the right.

From the dropdown, I try to open up my project:

When I do, I see this:

I try to open the file instead using File > Open:

And I get this screen and open Guided Project - App Store.ipynb

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 2.09.35 PM

And it opens, but not within the window next to the dataquest instructions but in a separate tab altogether. I want it to be next to the dataquest instructions.

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Hi Joe. I ran into this problem as well! The issue seemed to be from having spaces in the filename. I didn’t have a fix for it, so I just sighed and started over (I didn’t even think how I could access the file like you did!). I don’t seem to get this problem anymore when the filename has no spaces.


Wow, that did it. Thanks April!

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Hey @joe.mirza!

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Hi @Joe.mirza, @april.g,

Here is a fix for this issue, if you encounter it again:


Hi Mary. Just did that.


Thank you, Sahil. That’s really helpful. And very detailed. Much appreciated.

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