How to import *.csv file into Anaconda - Jupyter

I was encouraged to use Anaconda Navigator - Jupyter to run my Guided Projects.
Since it is detached from the DataQuest Web where *.csv files are stored, it would not read the “autos.csv” file.
That suggests to me that somehow, I need to import the “autos.csv” file into Anaconda - Jupyter.
Please let me know how to do that. Thank you kindly.
Regards, Bruce Graham

Hi Bruce,

You have to do the following:

  1. Open Anaconda Navigator, then from it Jupyter Notebook.
  2. In the opened window in browser, open a folder where you want to save your csv file.
  3. Press Upload (it should be more or less in the upper right corner), then select the path to your csv file in the opened window.
  4. Confirm Upload to the left of the file name. Now your file is saved in the selected folder.

Thanks Elena:

I’m not sure though, how to save a *csv file from the DataQuest Web to my hard drive.
If I go to where the original file is,
and download that, it won’t be the same as the one modified by DataQuest for the Exploring Ebay Car Sales Project. The DataQuest file has only 50,000 data points.

Thanks again.

Ah, and from DQ you can download file in this way: open the corresponding mission with that project and press Download in the upper right corner. It will be downloaded as an archive in Downloads on your computer. You’ll have to de-archivate it, and there you’ll find a CSV file with your project.

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