How to make a portfolio?

Hello folks, )

I finished 3 courses in Python and 1 in SQL on Udemy. But It does not help me to find a job without portfolio.
Hope Dataquest can help me with it.
Сan you please give a piece of advice how to do a portfolio better?
Is it a kind of weird that all of us will have almost the same projects? Or is it OK?
Thanks in advance for your answers!

Hi @OlgaM.Priyutova,

Great work on finishing those Udemy courses. Those will give you a great foundation for the Dataquest material.

I recommend checking out theDataquest blog. There are some great blog articles that outline how you can create an amazing portfolio (here are a couple to start off with, here and here).

While Dataquest does provide guided projects for you to start building a portfolio, these projects should not be the only thing in your portfolio. Rather, use the skills that you have gained working on guided projects and start working on your own projects. This can be intimidating, but is a great way to show what you know and find out the areas that you need more practice in.

Some of the biggest obstacles to working on your own/group project is finding data. There are lots of great publicly available data sets if you are willing to do a little digging. When picking a project to work on, I recommend finding areas that you are interested in / would want to work in. This way you can not only show that you know data analytic/science techniques, but also have some subject area expertise as well.

Enjoy the journey!


Thank you so much, Bradon, for detailed answer! )

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Hello @OlgaM.Priyutova!
@Mary is very thorough in her answer herein: [How do I add my certificates to LinkedIn?]. Give it a try and you will see your certificates appear in the Linkedin.


Thank you!
Could please somebody send a link how to put a new project on GutHub?

Hi @OlgaM.Priyutova,

Here is a DQ blog post on how to build a portfolio on GitHub.

Here are a some more websites (website 1, website 2) if you still have questions…

Here are a couple of YouTube videos (video 1, video 2) on a cool way to present your portfolio through Github pages. And another YouTube video on how to setup a “traditional” Github portfolio.

There is a ton of content out there on this topic. Usually what I do when I have a question like yours is do a google search, search on YouTube, search through the Dataquest community posts, and search through the Dataquest blog. Then if I’m still struggling, I’ll ask the community with a specific question for help.