How to make the output of print(comments_by_hour) and print(counts_by_hour) displayed in sequential fashion?

Screen Link:

My Code:

[Basics (3).ipynb|attachment](upload://AahFAWU79fsPpYjavd4JjBtIzIz.ipynb) (12.8 KB) 

What I expected to happen:
I wish to have the output showed up in orderly fashion such as hour by hour sequence such as 01:…, 02:…, etc

What actually happened:

Replace this line with the output/error

I wonder if we could add additional codes after print command that would make the output as expected so that we would be able to see clearly the effect of different hours toward the number of counts and comments displayed in sequence of hours by hours??

Could you please follow the format given for posting queries?Neither is your screen link given nor does your code file or link open.
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