How to post my works on github into data science and python developer

While going through this blog post I observed she said she divided her works into a data scientist, and python developer on GitHub, I’d love to know how to go about I, and also what kinda project can I post there?

Can you please clarify where in that article does she state she divided her work on GitHub? The exact statement?

Because the only reference to dividing into categories is related to her creating multiple versions of her CV/Resume, and not related to GitHub. I could be mistaken as I only took a quick look.

So, I circulated three versions of my CV — one as a Python Programmer, another as a Data Analyst, and one for a Data Engineer.

Regardless of that, if you are not familiar with GitHub I would either recommend Dataquest’s course on it or you can find online tutorials to help you as well. You can either create individual repositories with individual projects, or you can create one repository for a set of projects that belong to a category (and that repository will be that category then). If this statement is confusing to you, I would highly recommend looking up some beginner-friendly tutorials on GitHub.

sorry I meant CV not GitHub per se and thank you, what kinda project should I upload for potential employers to see and where can I get sensible projects to work on from?

That really depends on your existing background and domain expertise you wish to aim for. If you have no experience in Data Science then starting with platforms like Dataquest is great as they help you work through quite a few projects and after that, you can attempt your own projects and add all of those to your portfolio.