How to run on local machine

Hello I apologize for having to ask this here however after trying to find answers on my own I have hit a dead end. I am having trouble running this project on my local Jupyter rather than the in browser DQ practice kernel. Can somebody please link or explain the process.

When I input

%load_ext sql
%sql sqlite:///chinook.db

Nothing happens and I am not able to view the tables. I have downloaded several of the files that are linked in the github page however I really do not understand the mechanics of this. What file do I need to download and what is the syntax to access in through jupyter on my local machine? Thank you.

Hi @jordan.z.raport,

You can download the chinook.db directly from the DQ mission. In the upper-left corner of the screen, close to script.sql, select chinook.db and then the download icon (a small cloud) to the left of it:

Or, if you are working on the guided project, there is also a Download button in the upper-left corner:

Unzip the dowloaded folder and save somewhere on your computer.

Next, just open a new Jupyter notebook and save it in the same folder as your downloaded chinook.db. Now you can run your code and then explore the tables.

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Thank you for your help!!!

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