How to save a dataquest course locally

Hello, I’ve been on the covid-19 Dataquest financial aid scholarship for almost 6 months and I’m 34% into the course, this is because I take time to work on the projects thoroughly. Right now, I’m afraid the scholarship ends soon and I might be unable to complete the course which means no more access to it. I’ve learnt a whole lot on analyzing data with python and will really love to complete this course and reach my dream of being a data analyst. Please is there any way I can save this course to my hard drive? so I don’t loose this great opportunity.
Thank you.

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Hi @ebonynet.ona:

I’m afraid you might have to do this manually and there is no straight forward way to do this. If the following is too tedious, you might just want to download the takeaways. You can save the content using a .py file with comments and your code (or save the content as a word file). Alternatively, you can try to create a jupyter notebook .ipynb through installing anaconda or using google colab (links below):

Getting started w colab

There are some courses in the data analyst track which are free after the scholarship ends and others which might not be. So you might want to target those courses. @Sahil perhaps you could shed some light on the forever free courses?

Alternatively, you could purchase Dataquest Premium when it is on discount (to help you cut costs).

Edit: they are extending it for 2 days right now so be quick if you wanna purchase it! (1 day 10 h to be exact at the time of writing this)


Thanks for the options suggested.


Hi @ebonynet.ona,

Here is a list (as of right now) of free and paid missions with links:
free-and-paid-content-59b8ede1172c-2020-10-03-07-51-22.pdf (156.4 KB)