How to start off with first project


I am just wondering where to start off my first ever project? I know there is a platform called Kaggle but how do we navigate around there for a starter? And how should I planned out my first projects on Python if I have some basic knowledge in Python?

I would really appreciate hearing everyone’s experience on their first-ever projects too.

Start with sitting for a second and asking yourself - what topic is most interesting to you personally. It can be any - from trash management to stars classification tasks. Topic shall be least abstract and most interesting to you personally. When you identify it, try to find a question, related to this topic, which could be interesting again, to you personally or to many people at once in this field.

And then design your project backwards, i.e.:
decision/question < conclusions/answers < analysis < data < execution

  1. What decision should be made or what question do I want/need to answer?
  2. What conclusions will help to make the decision or answer the question?
  3. What analysis will provide the necessary conclusions?
  4. What data is needed for such an analysis? <- this is where you will go to Kaggle :slight_smile:
  5. Get the data, explore it, clean, describe, code to analyze, visualize, find the answer.
  6. Describe everything you did and make a presentation
  7. Repeat

Knowing the domain (topic of interest) will help you (self-)guide your project, i.e. understand what you do and why. Going this why you will have to make a lot of decisions, like - what tools exist for this task? Which one is optimal? How do get my data? Which Python package to use? How the hell does it work? Read, read, read docs / StackOverflow. Try, get error, read, read, read, fix it. And so on. All of this will get you first hand, field experience.

Remember, that neither the topic nor the project should be huge. It could be very simple, one weekend job. After you repeat it several times you’ll get better understanding on how it works. Also remember that Python is only the tool to make your project :slight_smile:

Sounds like too many common words, so my only hope is that this could shed a bit more of a light on the way and probably will answer your question at least partially…


Really appreciate for your advice. That’s very well-written instruction and totally will try to come out with something when I have free time during my winter break.