How to transition from DevOps to being a Data Engineer

I have somehow managed to land a Data Engineer role. I have never been a Data Engineer before.
My background is DevOps (Linux for the last 15 years ,and also AWS, Ansible, systems, bash, python, networking, etc).

At the interview they mentioned being in a Data Team and technologies and terms such as ETL, data pipelines, python, pytest, Jupiter Notebooks (with Pandas, numpy, matplotlib), AWS s3, data wrangling, Linux, SQL, Agile and doing code reviews in Github.

I think I have either worked with some of these technologies and/or have played with some of them before but I don’t know anything about ETL, data pipelines, pytest, Jupiter Notebooks (with Pandas, numpy, matplotlib), and doing code reviews to any great extent. Could someone point me to some recommend learning guides such as MOOCS, online courses etc about those (ETL, data pipelines, pytest, Jupiter Notebooks and doing code reviews).

Also, what is it like to work in a Data Team, is it different to working in a Software Development Team? How best can I transition from a DevOps (mostly Linux sysadmin type experience) to a Data Engineer mindset? What would be some good things to figure out and ask questions about when you first start in a Data Team?

Any help much appreciated.

may be you need this course? See learn plan here
Data Engineer
Learn how to build data pipelines to work with large datasets from here.
If you have base knowledge Python its takes little time, but you can ready many, many and many read API and books for numpy pandas and etc python library for understanding courses…