How To Troubleshoot Connection Issues In Our Platform?

The Red Connection Light

Image showing a red connection light on our platform

Almost 90% of the connection issues students face on our platform have a red connection light at the top right corner of the screen. This is a great indication that something is wrong. So let me help you to understand what are the factors that cause this problem and what you can do to solve the issue!

Factors causing connection issues

  • Ad Blocker
  • Proxy Server / VPN
  • Your Internet Connection
  • Your Device
  • Dataquest

Ad Blocker

If you are using an Ad Blocking service, please disable it or whitelist our platform. While we don’t have any advertisements, we do use Google Analytics and other services to analyze and optimize our platform. However, Ad Blockers often end up blocking these services and can cause some random side effects including connection issues.

Proxy Server / VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If you are using a corporate network there is a chance that Web Socket connections are blocked because most corporate networks use proxies to filter your internet access. Our platform heavily relies on Web Socket connections to provide you with our learning environment. This type of connection is typically blocked in corporate networks because Web Socket connections are also used for online gaming.

If you are using a corporate network, then please reach out to your IT admin, asking them to whitelist our website. You may have to provide these details to them:

  • hostname:
  • ip:
  • subnet mask: /0
  • protocol: wss
  • port: 443

In the case of VPNs, there is a chance that the connection issue is caused by the VPN service provider.

Your Internet Connection

Well, I am pretty sure that many of you have already faced connectivity issues by due to your internet service provider. Sometimes, certain websites are not loading due to their DNS server issues, and other times there are intermittent disconnections. If you are using a mobile network, chances are that due to insufficient signal strength, your internet connection is slow and slow networks don’t work well with Web Sockets. It can also fail due to transparent proxies used by mobile phone operators.

Your Device

There is a chance that the problem is caused by the device you use. It could be caused by a failing WiFi adapter, browser issues, firewall issues, extensions, etc.


Yep! It might be due to an issue on our end. But there is no way to be sure about that unless you make sure that everything is fine on your end. So let’s discuss that next.

Troubleshooting Steps Level 1

  1. Check our status page
    If there is a known issue, it will appear there. Please subscribe to updates so that you receive notifications when the status changes.
  2. Try to use a different device
    Using the same internet connection, try using a different device to access our platform. If you are not getting any connection issues, then the problem is caused by the previous device.
  3. Try to use a different internet connection
    Using the same device, try using a different internet connection to access our platform. If you are not getting any connection issues, then the problem is caused by the previous internet connection.

If you are still facing connection issues, please send us a bug report describing the steps you have taken.

Trouble Shooting Level 2

If Problem is with your Device

If the problem is with your device, try to access our platform after each step below:

  1. Disable the Antivirus software / Firewall
  2. Use a different Browser

If Problem is with your Internet Connection

Contact your internet service provider directly to troubleshoot.

Trouble Shooting Level 3

Please use Google Search or StackOverflow to further debug the problem as there are numerous causes and it is not feasible to mention each of them here. If you feel stuck, don’t hesitate to reach us out. However, as everyone’s local environment varies, we may not be able to resolve the issue in your computer.

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I don’t know how to solve this. Could anyone help? Thanks!

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I have tried reconnect, refresh the page, and reopen dataquest as well



Though I was the only one.


Confirming that my virtual machine is also dead. image


Mine is also dead.

Hi All,

Sorry about the downtime! Our engineering team is working on this issue; It will be fixed in a few hours. Please check our status page for updates:

I will reply to this topic once the issue is fixed.


This issue is resolved

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Hi, I see this issue again. Let me know how to fix this.