How to update a clickable preview link after re-uploading your updated project in the Community

Sharing your projects in the Community is a fantastic way to get feedback. And this topic can help you with it.

To make the sharing experience better, we have a handy feature in our Community:

Whenever you attach an ipynb (Jupyter notebook) file to a new post, our system automatically edits your post to add a link to view your project in a new tab. It’s handy as it will allow your peers to see your project without downloading the file.

The only issue is that the preview link doesn’t change automatically if you update your project and upload the new version of your ipynb notebook. To fix it, see below how you can create a preview link on your own.

  1. On the post/topic to be fixed, open show more (a three-dot notation):

  2. Click edit the post (the pencil):

  3. Upload the new version of your project (your updated ipynb file).

  4. Select and copy the name of the uploaded file: everything after // and up to and including .ipynb:

  5. Paste the copied file name to the following construction instead of FILENAME:

[Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab](
While pasting, don’t add any white space.

  1. Substitute the old preview link in your post (which is still in the editing mode) with the above-created link, as follows:

Now, your preview link is successfully updated. Happy sharing! :nerd_face:

ATTENTION: if the above steps don’t work for you (e.g., if you can’t see the pencil icon), it means that you have some limitations based on your current trust level. This is an automatic feature from the Discourse system itself (Discourse is the name of the software on which our Community is based), i.e., it doesn’t depend on Dataquest. You can read more about Discourse trust levels

In this case, for now, just create a new post with your updated project. Your trust level is going to increase in the future (this depends on your read time, the number of posts read, etc. – you’ll find more details in the above post), so you’ll be able to do more things in the Community.