How to work on Dataquest's R SQL Courses but on my own computer?(not in DQ shell)

Hi everyone! I want to know how i can work on my own computer SQLite.
Let me explain: I learn many things on DQ’s R SQL Courses but it’s on the DQ’s platform, with DQ shell; and I want to exercise on my own computer. What can I do? I’m on Mac. Using sqlite3 on my Mac terminal to do those exercises? Is my terminal shell is the equivalent of the DQ “Script.sql” shell? Should I work on the “SQL fundamentals for R” users exercises on RStudio? (Using RSQLite) Does it is possible to work on the whole R SQL Courses on Rstudio? If it is, how to do that?

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Sorry for the late reply. I assume you want to learn from DQ content by running the codes in your computer. While this may not work for all missions in DQ, it will certainly work for our R courses.

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In this case, all you need is the database file relevant to that mission and SQLite application. However, please note that we modify the database while we progress through the course. So you won’t be able to skip a particular mission; otherwise, the database won’t have the necessary changes for the next mission.


For this, I think it’s best to use RStudio. However, please note that as with the above case, you should not skip a mission; otherwise, the database won’t have the necessary changes.

Redoing the same mission on the local environment

Since we have to do missions in sequential order to make the database ready for the next mission. It is not possible to redo a specific mission at a later time. However, if you make copies of the database before you work on each mission, then you will be able to do any mission you want at a later time without the need to work on it sequentially.

For example:
Create a folder for each mission for a particular course. The folder should contain the database file required for that mission. Before you start the first mission, make a copy of the database file. After the mission is complete, move the updated database to the folder of the next mission and rename the database copy in the current mission. Repeat this for all missions, so that you can do the missions in any order you want at a later time.

And when you try to do the missions again, before you start a mission, make sure to create a copy of the database. And after you complete the mission, delete the modified database and rename the copy to its default name.

Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face: