How would I do freelance work?

hello, I am just finishing my first year of data science at curtin university. I am looking into the possibility of doing computing gigs for experience, if I get payed too that would be great, but it’s not the aim. How would you recommend I proceed with this?

Hi @s.gibbon00,

Welcome to the Dataquest community. Great job finishing up your first year of data science at Curtin University. How do you like it so far?

I have a job as a data analyst and I know one thing that really caught the eye of recruiters was the experience and projects that I had worked on. I think it’s great you’re already starting to think about getting experience.

Sometimes it is hard to get experience without experience! Dataquest has some great guided projects to get you started, but what you can do in addition, is find data that is interesting to you and work on some projects with that. This Dataquest post gives you a some ideas of where you can get access to data:

These projects can give you great experience and help build up a unique portfolio that you can share with recruiters (for computing gigs). Here is another Dataquest article that I found helpful on how to go about making a good portfolio:

I recently watched a Youtube video that helped me appreciate the recruiters perspective a little better.

Good luck with your data science journey!