How would you say this piece of code in English?

I am working in Dictionaries and Frequency Tables/Filtering for the Intervals.

In the learning section we are given this instruction:

Would you write out in English how you read this statement:
10000000 < data_size <= 50000000?
I researched through the previous lessons and could not locate where we previously practiced this exact thing.

Thank you!

Hey, Linda.

One would say that "data_size is between one and five million", or a variation of this.

It’s ambiguous what happens at the extremes, but that is often the case when using natural languages. Context would dictate how much precision you would require. However, when using natural languages the goal often is to convey high-level ideas, not details.

When details are important, people usually move from natural languages to more precise ways of communication like mathematics, pseudocode or even actual code.


Thank you so much @Bruno for responding. That is so simple and perfect, I was making it much more difficult. As I’m writing code I try to “translate” what I’m doing subverbally and I just couldn’t make that flow. :clap:

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