I have not been able to understand the answer provided for question no 3? It’ll be great ! if some one can help.

Thanks a lot!

Hi deepaknegi0,

Do you mean this?

percentage_15_allowed = content_ratings['4+'] + content_ratings['9+'] + content_ratings['12+']

Were you able to come up with your own answer?

I mean to say, I haven’t understood the answer given in the section and it doesn’t make much sense to me.

How did you solve it?

Haven’t solved it yet.

So the question is this:

  1. Find out the percentage of apps that can be downloaded by a 15-year-old. Assign your answer to a variable named percentage_15_allowed .

Which apps are a 15-year-old allowed to download? The ones rated 4+, 9+ and 12+ are all okay. Apps rated 17+ are not okay.

All you have to do then is sum the values in the content_ratings dictionary that correspond to the keys of the allowed ratings.

Alternatively, knowing that the percentages for the different ratings sum 100, you can just subtract the 17+ category from this value.

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Absolutely! @Slavina

@deepaknegi0 do you understand it now?