I am not able to tag my questions

Screen Link: Learn data science with Python and R projects

This is the last screen link where’s happend but recently happends again and Sahil fixit for me!

It is not the first time it happens to me but I have realized that in a doubt that I uploaded a few moments ago to the platform, a member of the team very kindly introduced the tag that corresponded to it.

So now I was about to ask another question and it turns out that I can not enter the number.

As in this case I consider that a picture is better than a thousand words I attach the image where I have numbered the steps I have been following and clearly you can see how when entering the tag is not possible.

Again thank you very much.



Seems like it is already done. Do take note that there will be a timeout before it is reflected since this is an automated process (check back 5 - 10 mins after your post and it should appear), remember to refresh your page too.


I hope it is what you say. However, as you can see in the screenshot it does not allow me to tag what is tagged. :thinking:

I will follow your steps and hope not to bother anyone anymore.

Again thank you very much.



I can help clarify this issue for you @Edelberth:

Thing is, you cannot attach these mission/screen tags to a topic manually. They are automatically added for you once you provide a mission link in the topic. :slight_smile:

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