I am not getting this code can someone help to explain this in simple terms

Screen Link:

My Code:

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f500["roa"] = f500["profits"] / f500["assets"]

top_roa_by_sector = {}
for sector in f500["sector"].unique():
    is_sector = f500["sector"] == sector
    sector_companies = f500.loc[is_sector]
    top_company = sector_companies.sort_values("roa",ascending=False).iloc[0]
    company_name = top_company["company"]
    top_roa_by_sector[sector] = company_name

What I expected to happen:
i am not getting this flow

What actually happened: 

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can someone explain me this code,i am stuck

Hi @akshaykachar17,

The screen link, expected and actual results are not showing in your post. Could you edit your post adding these so it will be easier for someone to help?