I can't read the plots to accurately answer the questions in the project, I need help reading and interpreting them

Screen Link:

Can someone please explain the workings of code cell 28?
And if possible use the scatter plot, hexbin, bar plots to answer some of the questions:

  • Do students in more popular majors make more money?
  • Do students that majored in subjects that were majority female make more money?
  • Is there any link between the number of full-time employees and median salary?earnings_visualization.ipynb (691.2 KB)

Hello @tcharkovskii! Could you please upload your notebook so we can see your project? You can also upload it on Nbviewer.

okay, i’ve uploaded the notebook, please take a look at my code

Could you upload your project on Github? I cannot run it just from the .ipynb file.

Hello @artur.sannikov96 here is the link to his project


Thanks, @info.victoromondi for sharing!

Ok, here is some feedback @tcharkovskii:

  • You can give more information about the dataset you’re working with.
  • Write an introduction: what is the aim of your project?
  • Give all your plots a title and axes labels. It helps readability:)
  • Explain better your results: what are these bar plots? Why did you draw a scatter matrix? What about the hexagonal plots?
  • Write a conclusion: what did you find in the data? Wrap up your results.

You can read more on how to improve the project’s style here.

Happy coding!

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I am having problems interpreting the plots to guide the answers.

Well we are having problems too because without context it’s hard to understand what’s going on, but still here’s how i would interpret each plot

  • Scatter plots: Is there any linear relationship between the data? How spread are the data?
  • Histograms: What’s the distribution of the data, right, normal, left skewd? What does that mean?
  • Scatter matrix: Are the data related? how? are there any correlation between the data?
  • Bar plots: Wich bars are taller and what does that mean
  • Box plots: What’s the min, max, Q1, Q3, mean and interquartile values and what does that mean? Are there any outliers?
  • Hex bin: Are there any relationship between the data? how are the data related? If you look at them it’s just a different way to represent a scatter plot

But seriously write some context, storytelling it’s also important because without it nobody can’t understand what’s going on.

Also some documents and websites that can help you



Good luck!

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Thank you @alegiraldo666