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I completed my Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Posts


I just completed my second guided project and I will love to share it with you all. I am open to feedback and constructive critic, I will also want to be guided on how to complete the rest of the work
A link to My GitHub
Hackersnewsproject.ipynb (16.2 KB)

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Hi @johnndammy! Congratulations on completing your second GP:) Was this your first project?

I hope my feedback is still relevant. I read through the project and I think it has a good structure. Also, conclusions are very short and straight-to-the-point which is important to the readers who do not want to spend time reading the entire project:)

Here are some suggestions:

  • In the first code cell your comment says that you’re opening “Google Play dataset”. Did you confuse it with the “Profitable Apps” GP?
  • Consider limiting the number of subheadings and making them less descriptive. Instead, you may create bigger sections “Data Cleaning”, “Data Analysis” (or something more attention-grabbing) and try to split them in smaller sections but not too small (down to a single thing that you’re doing there)
  • Import all libraries in the first code cell. It’s easier to understand which libraries you’re working with
  • Comment the code. It will be easier for future you and readers to understand what it does
  • You have some typos
  • As I said, it’s better to include all calculations in the “Analysis”
  • Don’t forget to mention the timezone. The best time for posting may be different in other parts of the world

Happy coding and good luck with your upcoming projects:)

I don’t think you’re commenting on my work

Hi! I commented on the project in the link to GitHub from this topic.