I got admitted to a foreign university due to the DQ course

Hello everyone!

Today I’d like to share my short success story.

Last summer I have graduated Information Security Bachlor degree in ITMO University. And as many my peers, I was looking for my calling: I worked as a bratender and as a server during my Work&Travel experience, was a cook in a haute cuisine restaraunt, translated novels for publisher in Russia, alone developed and launched a mobile game and etc. But that was simply not mine.

Then I tried to structurized and analyize all things I like to do. And here It hit me - I like to analyze. I decided to continue in Data Science\Data Analysis Master Degree. Everywhere I was rejected. As an example, I was ranked 1700 in one of the university I applied for.

Then I decided to pass a course in Data Analysis. There are a lot of courses in my native language but none of them was apprropriate (knowledge was pretty disordered, I couldn’t understand how to collect, operate and clean the information, etc).

FORTUNATELY, I faced the DataQuest course. I fell in love with Data Analysis because of YOU, guys. I passed Data Analyst in Python Path (even become a champion of the week once), got a robust base of knowledge, and fill in my portfolio. Time has come to apply for Master Degree again. And you know what? I GOT ADMITTED TO THE UNIVERSITY I WAS DREAMED OF! I was 1700th before, and now I am one of the admitted.

I am glad that DQ exists. Thank you Data Quest for making us better.

Happy New Year!


This is an amazing news! Congratulations @pudgiko and thank you so much for sharing this happy news and your inspiring story with us.


Congratulations on getting admitted into your choice university!

ITMO is one of my favourite Russian universities.


Hi @pudgiko , thanks a lot for the inspirational story, Dataquest is indeed a destiny shaper.

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CONGRATS! I can feel how excited you are from your words

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This is amazing news @pudgiko! :heart_eyes:

So humbled that we could help you achieve your dreams. :heart:

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Congratulations @pudgiko and best of luck in your Masters program!:tada::tada::tada:


Congratulations @pudgiko! Your story is so inspiring. I intend to change my career path too.


Hey @pudgiko

Congratulations for your Admission! Great way to leave behind the nightmare of 2020 and Amazing way to start 2021. Wish you all the very best :+1:

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