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I need projects please

I need to grind through this boring part so I can do more projects. That seems to be the only time stuff starts clicking and making sense. I was wondering if anyone knew of any more projects for like ultra low level beginners. Something to push me, but that is actually possible at basically a month into learning python.

I feel like a fool because I don’t even know how to ask for what I’m asking. Sorry if this didn’t make any sense.


I’m not sure if this matches what you are looking for but has fun problems to solve using code. There are many different ways to solve the problem and active discussions on Reddit and the like for support.

There is sample data and answers and then a more complete set of data to really test your solution. A month in, I would be happy just solving a few of the sample problems and getting the correct result. Often the size of the full data set requires more than a brute force approach. However, figuring out even the most straightforward approach with just the sample data really helps to practice thinking computationally.

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I checked out Advent of Code, and that was a pretty good incentive to get back to grinding. Wastl basically gamified learning to code. Pretty freaking splendid recommendation. like frfr preesh emily

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There are a lot of project based sites. Have you tried Kaggle for example? They have competitions etc. I bet you can find some problems you will find interesting and engaging. Best of luck and happy coding.

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