I think my progress is not good

I am an absolute beginner in programming & data science. Every day I finish one mission with its practice but I take almost 6 hours to do this. I don’t know if I am good or not.

Hi, don’t set yourself too much under pressure.
Our brain can only work and do a good job if we learn like kids.
Try to work thru the materials like you play a game.
Maybe you want to listen to your favorite songs while doing the missions?

If you take it easy you will become more and more creative and solve the missions easier, I promise :slight_smile:
Learning the basics is the hardest thing don’t judge yourself!
Best, Simo

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Thanks, but aren’t 6 hours very much?

Not at all.

Achieving anything meaningful takes time and effort. The 6 hours you are spending now will turn into probably 1 hour or less a few months from now.

But if you worry about not seeing immediate progress, a few months from now you might still take 6 hours or more for more complex problems.

Take your time, learn, understand, stop, think, review. It’s a process that will get results as you keep putting in consistent effort. Not everyone learns at the same pace, so don’t worry about counting the hours.

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Thanks a lot for your encouragement.